Bryan Jameison In Memoriam

Since I learned his non-hypnotic regression method in 1979 in Denver – the “Time-Lapping technique” he developed from 1968 on – (which I have since developed further in my own way), I wish to keep up his memory with a short notice on my website. Since that time we remained friends and throughout the years exchanged experiences by means of sending each other taped messages. He gave me the authorization  to teach his technique in Europe (for which he has obtained two US copyrights).

He was born in Chicago in May 1933 and died in San Diego in December 2002 after a progressive health problem. His was born as James S. Lewis, but wrote under the pseudonym Bryan Jameison and later had his name officially changed to the latter. His webpage has now disappeared from the Internet (the URL appears to be bought by someone else), and since I therefore had to remove the link, I instead add this In Memoriam to my webpage. He wrote a few books on reincarnation and regression (and a few more on other subjects):

Exploring Your Past Lives (Astro-Analytics Publications, Van Nuys CA, 1976 – the publisher no more exists and the book will now be hard to find second-hand). A pirated translation was published without his knowledge in Denmark as Lær Dine Tidligere Liv At Kende (Strubes, Copenhagen, 1981 – after my intervention no more available* but can be found second-hand).

Exploring Our Forgotten Lives (1999), Adventures in Reincarnation (2000), both earlier versions of The Search for Past Lives (2002) published by himself under Driftwood Publications, San Diego CA. His publishing company has ceased to exist, but the books can still be found (second-hand) in the Internet.

“Bryan Jameison

Long acclaimed as a Master Past-Life regressionist, Bryan also is internationally recognized as a true pioneer in the field of past-life therapy. After creating his own non-hypnotic method of past-life regression in 1968, he went on to facilitate more than 25,000 regressions and train nearly 2,000 others to become past-life regressionists in the United States, Canada and Western Europe.”

[Quoted from]

Bryan had a lengthy interview by Art Bell in his Coast to Coast radio show on May 21st, 2002.


Picture given to me by Bryan for free use

* Strubes is a renowned Danish publisher and would never knowingly publish a pirated book. I discovered it when I once was in Denmark and informed Bryan, who knew nothing about it. It appears that the US publisher had made a deal with Strubes without letting him know it, even though the text is copyrighted in his name.